Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Heritage - Hobby Box Stats

So let's take a look at the second box:

1 Clubhouse Collection relic - Sandoval
3 Stickers - Longoria, Stanton, Carpenter
8 High Number Short Prints
2 Baseball Flashbacks - McCover, Koufax
2 News Flashbacks - Penn Station, MLK
1 New Age Performer - Votto
2 Then and Now - Aparicio/Bourn and Mathews/Bautista
1 Chrome Refractor - Masterson
2 Chrome - Morse, Jeter
1 Photo Swap - Lee

some good news:  I have 17 different high-number SP's - no duplicates.
some bad news:  than means I have 58 to go!

more good news:  I have no duplicates on any of the above-mentioned inserts, either.
more bad news:  I am still missing checklist 1 (I have dupes of 4 and 5)

stat-wise:  192/425 of the base card set, 200/500 if you include SP's.

I'll be combining the two hobby boxes today, so I'll post on that soon...

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