Tuesday, March 20, 2012

2012 Hobby Box TWO!

No advertising panel this time!  When I opened this Hobby Box, I found the Original 1963 Buy Back Card, featuring Joe Cunningham.  I don't think I own any 1963 cards, so this probably counts as my first; even though it has that stamp in the upper left corner, I still like it!

I decided to open six packs tonight - and I will try to do that all week to speed the process a bit - though I do love taking my time.  My first problem, though, was unrealistic expectations - when I saw that LifetimeTopps was able to open two hobby boxes without pulling a single duplicate I was stunned - and then immediately hopeful.  But when I started opening mine, I found no mojo hit, and plenty of doubles.  Oh, well - perhaps I will have to venture into the trade market, even though I am not too skilled at that!

I did land a Chrome Jeter, that's a pretty good pull, as it's numbered /1963.  My refractor is Justin Masterson, /563, not that special of a player, though.  The other chrome is Michael Morse.  Eh.

My box hit is another Clubhouse Collection, and it's another Giant, Pablo Sandoval.  Anyone know a big Giant collector out there?  I nabbed another News Flashback and a Then & Now card.  I also got all three checklists in these six packs, and sadly two of the three I had already...


  1. I do know big Giant collectors but I love the Panda. Can I offer you a trade?

    1. 2008 UD Heroes jersey Carlos Beltran #d/200?

  2. I would be interested in the Masterson refractor if you aren't too enthusiastic about it. Check out my cards for trade and let's see if we can work out a trade.