Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Heritage - Last of the Hobby Box

Before I go into the "special" cards from each pack, I just wanted to take a moment to feature some of those giant "All Star Rookie" trophies.  They are a lot of fun to look at, even if a bit tacky.

Next up are two inserts, one Then & Now and one Baseball Flashback:

One nit pick - the comparison of Marichal and Shields is based on the high number of IP.  The thing is, though, as the back of the card points out, while Marichal led the league in IP, Shields actually finished second to Verlander.  I like the Early Wynn pic, by the way, even if the green circle creates a bit of a Captain Hook look.

My final four packs each featured a high number short print, so I'll scan them together:

And just in case you were looking for proof of their high-numbered-ness, or perhaps if you just enjoy looking at the backs of these old-style cards, here you go:

Next post, some final box statistics!

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