Saturday, March 17, 2012

2012 Heritage - Something Special in Every Hobby Pack?

My pack ripping has been WAYYY slower than I anticipated - thanks in part to a friend's wedding yesterday and St. Patty's today - but I HAVE managed to open three packs...  yup, just three!  That's partially because I want to get some scans up here and have you comment or tell me what you think.

First up, in pack one I found the Kennedy insert that I featured the other day.  In pack two, I think I got my hit.  Gotta admit, I'm not super-excited about this card.  Has anyone else found their hobby box hit?  Just wondering how this one rates...

When I opened pack three, I found my first image-swap short print. 

Chris Carpenter, World Series Champ, featured on this card - and if you haven't seen these before, check out how the small circle in the lower right corner features the "normal" picture with the "regular" background, while the background on the main picture is the solid color (blue) normally reserved for the background of the small circle.  (Also, the main image is B&W, while the small image is color.)

A quick check on EBAY shows that I can pay anywhere from .99 to $15 for the Carpenter, and i can "Buy Now" the Vogelsong for $12 - though I don't see any bids on the four other auctions that are running for this card.  The JFK card can be had for a dollar or less, it seems.

I have seen many people recommend blaster or retail, as opposed to the more expensive hobby box.  Are the "hits" I'm seeing in these first 3 packs normal?  Do they make the hobby box more valuable?  Obviously, my sample size is ridiculously small, but I am curious about the hobby vs. retail debate, especially since a few other bloggers say they prefer retail for this product.


  1. That's an interesting variation. I have seen some with the different colored borders, but not with the player color reversed. Heritage boxes only have one hit?

  2. i THINK it is only one... it said one auto or relic per box...