Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Heritage - Hobby Box First Pack

Since I cheated a bit by trying to lock Jeter in as my first card of Heritage 2012, let's celebrate Billy Butler for a moment.  I opened the hobby box and picked five packs to open tonight.  And I have to admit, I got a little rush when I tore it open and peered inside at the heavy stock cardboard packed together.  When I turned them over, Billy Butler stared up at me.  I know I posted a while back about the odd color schemes of Topps 1979, and I know there are some wacky color combinations in this set as well;  but that said, the soft blue base against the white background really look nice when presenting a Kansas City Royal.  And the photo screams "Heritage" with the blurred background and a player's facial expression that you could spend an hour trying to read.

I didn't know much about Billy Butler.  As a Mets fan, and honestly more a follower of the National League, I can't say I've watched too many games that he has played in.  Also, we don't get to see too many Royals games on national TV in the New York area, so I was surprised to see that this was already his fifth season in the Majors.  (I would have thought it was only his second or third)  I think I'm going to root a little for Billy Butler now - and more than just to beat the Yankees.  Maybe just to thank him for being the first face in my first non-flagship Hobby Box.  I feel like I've entered a new threshold of collecting, and I can't wait to open the next pack.

Elsewhere in the pack, I found these two cards.  Granderson, card #200, seems to be the perfect hitter for his new home, Yankee stadium.  I grabbed him in fantasy last year, and he turned out to be a huge steal.  Does Topps continue to use the 00 and 0 for stars and superstars in the Heritage series?  I'll find out soon, I guess, though probably not tonight.  I wanted to highlight the Jerry Sands card because I wanted you all to see how damn cool he is trying to look on this card!  I like it - and I like the varied colors of these two cards side by side.

These are my two "special cards" - though I guess the JFK is the only one that is an insert.  I did want to feature some floating heads, as I know they have their fans out there!  I also had Hunter Pence in the pack, and a cool Koji Uehara pitching face on his card - and I kinda feel like I wanted to write about EVERY card in the pack.  I guess that's a sign that I am loving this product!  I'll close with a scan of the back of the Kennedy:

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