Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Heritage - At the Quarter Pole!

Yeah, sure, it's a horse racing reference, but it works.  I am three-quarters of the way through my Hobby Box, just six packs to go.  The six packs I opened this afternoon featured probably my least favorite insert - the New Age Performers.  It's loud.  And placing it side-by-side with the death of JFK probably isn't my finest blogging moment.

Next up, we have a little run on high-numbered short prints:

It's funny, when I open the pack and don't see anything shiny or different, I immediately jump to the back to see which card is the short print.  And I got the best surprise in my next pack, since I was kinda sad when I saw that my favorite player was only available as a short print - I was hoping not to have to buy him on ebay!

Too bad these guys won't be side-by-side any more!  I don't really blame the Mets for not paying a ton for such an injury risk in Reyes, but I am reminded of the promise that was never truly realized for my Mets team when these two guys came in together.

By the way, Reyes is NOT a short print.  There was no short print or insert in that pack.  None at all.  On Lifetime Topps' breakdown, I think he mentioned that 23-of-24 packs had the insert or short print.  Perhaps this was my dud pack.  But seeing Reyes in it makes it worth something to me!  (Though I am going to have to study closely to make sure I am not missing some strange color-swap variation that may be tough to spot)

Six packs remain, and then I'll run a little stat breakdown, as well.


  1. Yeah - that's my theory - I like your "one dud pack" wording. It happened that way for me in both boxes.

  2. hey - you got your name back!

  3. Do you have any plans for the Ortiz or the Pedroia sticker?

    1. not specifically, but i'm not sure if i'm going to try to complete...