Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Heritage - Halftime Stats (Half-Hobby Box!)

Halfway through my first Hobby Box, I have opened 12 packs, and (thanks to Lifetime Topps) have learned a few things.  I am receiving one insert or SP per pack, and so far I believe that has only yielded one high-numbered SP.  I should be getting these 1:3 packs, but maybe that will balance out on the back end of the box.

Here are my stickers, and so far I have found three, while the odds are 1:8 -

My high-numbered short print is a nice name:  Ryan Zimmerman, while I found a x/1963 chrome, as well:

Here's my only Then & Now and my only Baseball News, so far:

And finally, I have found three checklists.  I may not scan them, but they exist, I promise.

Remember, the "special cards" not pictured include the Clubhouse Collection Vogelsong, a JFK newsmaker, King Felix refractor, Reynolds chrome, and the Chris Carpenter photo-swap.  These ARE featured in earlier blog posts.

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  1. It's awesome that they signed Mays this year and he gets included in the product.