Friday, March 2, 2012

More Uglies

Maybe ugly, but I love them.  One thing, though.  What's with the color scheme for each team?  The Reds had a yellow bar at the bottom - why not Red?  And brown for my Mets?  Baby blue for the Pirates?  I'm sure something has been written about this before, and I'll make a sweep of the blogosphere to see who has tackled it - but at the very least, it's strange. 

The Koosman action shot is nice - wild arm angle, huh?  Dave and Willie are sporting a LOT of yellow, right?  I can't say that I remember that uniform, but keep in mind that these cards are from a time when espn and YES and SNY and MLB Network didn't exist and allow you to see all the teams, basically all the time.

Looking through these cards for the last few days is giving me a thought for a project.  Can I complete a set of 1979 today?  How would I go about this?  Where can I find a decent-sized lot of cards for a fair and reasonable price?  How much should I expect to pay to complete this project?  The 8 cards I picked up cost about $6, but these were mostly stars.  I should probably consult the "lifetime topps project" and I'm going to hunt down the guys who commented about his 1979 blog...  I wonder, have I found my first real project?!?

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  1. I don't think '79 is all that ugly of a set.

    As for the colors not matching the teams, that was common practice for Topps through the '70s and into the mid-1980s. It wasn't until the mid-to-late '80s when Topps matched its colors with the teams (1974 Topps is an exception).