Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Heritage - The Final Five

The final five packs of my Hobby Box are upon us, and I kick it off with my THIRD Mets high-numbered short print!  Jason Bay.  As a Mets fan, I could write an entire blog - never mind just an entry - mulling the Mets career of this guy.  Let's just move on instead...

Here's two more high-numbered short prints - these seem to be buried at the bottom of both of my Hobby Boxes - I always closed out the last several packs with a number of them.  They seem to be coming 8 per hobby box, so it's funny that I pull these four in a row.  Does anyone know how Hobby Boxes are packed?  I'd be curious to find out how much human involvement there is in loading the hits and inserts.

So now I have my 8 SP's - and have also hit all my insert numbers (baseball flashbacks, news flashbacks, etc.) - so what could be waiting in my final pack?  Something cool?

Yup!  I'll say!  I like these photo-swap cards alot - and now I have two, Chris Carpenter and Cliff Lee!  I haven't seen too much in blogs about these cards, so I am unaware about how truly rare they are - so perhaps someone out there can inform me? 

Also, I would like to thank those of you who followed the 20-or-so posts I shared on 2012 Heritage - it made me look forward to opening packs even more, and I appreciated every comment!  I will update this further as I figure out how to chase the set - and if you are interested in becoming a trade partner to exchange duplicates in order to complete your own goals, please don't hesitate to contact me!


  1. I agree - those swaps look pretty sweet.

  2. I hope they aren't TOO rare because I have a Tulowitzki to track down. I hate it when the SSPs like the image swaps or color swaps include the regular SPs also. For example the Rockies have 6 regular SPs for me to track down. Of those 6 the Tulo (#453) is also an image SSP and a Wal Mart blue border SSP, the CarGo (#480) is also a color swap SSP, and the Helton (#484) is also a Target red border SSP.

    This is going to be an expensive team set for me.

    1. (Lifetimetopps)

      Whatever Hiflew said makes my head spin!

      I don't think the image or color swaps are really that difficult. The image swaps clearly come less than 1 per box but not by much - and there are only 25 of each so they may actually be produced in about the same quantity as the regular old SP cards. They seem to be selling at about that rate on eBay.

      Kev - I do find it interesting - between your 2 boxes and mine, we got 3 image variation swaps but no color swaps. I wonder if the color swap is more rare! It seems like these are much harder to find on eBay - and they're going for more from my quick look - so that's probably the case!

    2. i think i saw a blogger who posted that he sold a Jeter color-swap for the price of his Hobby Box - so perhaps THAT says something about rarity, as well...