Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why do I love the ugliest cards?

Aren't these great?  I love the simplicity of this Topps card - a true symbol of how simple card collecting was back then as well.

At a local card show last weekend, I found a box.  Each card was a dollar, but you got one free if you bought five.  I bought a few more than five to get a bigger discount.  Did I overpay a bit?  Maybe.  Probably.  But they are some great names!

I remember 1979.  I played second base on my 7-year old baseball team.  The team was Drug Fair, a local sponsor.  I remember we wore red shirts.  Actually, I need to be a little more specific.  My TEAM wore red shirts.  After my first game, my mom bleached the uniform tee shirt, so starting with my second game, I was the Drug Fair second baseman, wearing the slightly orange-ish shirt on a team of bright red young dreamers.

At the concession stand at Sayre Woods South Little League they sold baseball cards.  I'd beg my mom for a quarter, maybe even a dollar, to grab a few packs.  And when I did, I could tear one open, and see Tom Seaver and Joe Morgan playing for the Reds, and hope for the time when I was no longer the only player on the Oranges...


  1. If you like the '79 set, check out my new blog at 1979 Topps.

  2. '79 was a great year. I was 14. I can name you every song and almost every card from that year. And yes, I know all the lyrics to "Devil Went Down to Georgia"