Wednesday, March 21, 2012

2012 Heritage - A Sleepy Review of Five More Packs

These five packs were opened late tonight, and after opening them I will have just five packs left in my second Hobby Box.  I'm having some box fatigue, and no sight of a Carl Yastremski relic to cheer me up, but I'll try to work through it!

In these five packs I found my dud pack - the only pack in the Hobby Box without an insert or short print.  I'll have to look closely to make sure I'm not missing a color-swap or something similar, but I think it's just a dud.  I did get an Ike Davis high-numbered short print, so with he and Wright I have nailed a couple of the harder-to-reach Mets.  Wilpon friend Koufax is always a nice card to see in a pack, as well.

I figured I would scan a couple of backs since I don't have as many cards for this post.  My apologies for not tilting the Ike Davis - remember, I did say this was "sleepy!"

My final two cards of this post are both high-number short prints, including "the Omega" - a great name for Cuddyer's card 500.

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  1. I just drafted Cuddyer in my fantasy league. He's got 1B-2B-OF position possibilities - nice. I hope they stop using the humidor in Colorado!