Sunday, March 11, 2012

i LOVE the back side!

I think this is why I am thinking about chasing some Heritage.  The cards feel so nice!  And the cardboard back with the cartoon and short write-up - it just feels like a nice product.

Since I'm a relatively new collector, I am of course late to the party on Heritage.  I am sure these sentiments have been expressed for years.  The first Heritage card I touched came from a trade stack from Nachos Grande, and I have been intrigued by it ever since.  A couple of days ago, I went to my LCS to grab a pack of 2011 Heritage - I don't want to even tell you what I paid for that pack (you can guess in the comments below, if you'd like).

I'm still debating on what to do here, though.  Chase 2011?  But how?  Two hobby boxes would be an interesting start towards completion, but $150 spent in one moment is more than I would like to spend.  (I usually buy one hobby box, and try to complete a set from there - I don't think this will work for this product, though...)

So I may pre-order 2012, but I'll still probably have to drop $ on two hobby boxes...

Who out there is playing the Heritage game for 2012?  And how are you doing it?

(my apologies for the shameless title, btw!)


  1. Did you pay $5.50 a pack? That's what they sell for at my local shop.

    Honestly, I'd say maybe grab a few of the 2011 packs if you like it but don't chase it. Go for the 2012 if you are going to chase one. Reason being that it's a new set and everyone will be collecting it at the same time. It makes trading way easier when a bunch of people are collecting the same set. Everyone ends up with doubles and are usually always willing to trade them off to get cards for their own set. Then there are the guys like me, who will buy a box but not chase the set and have some stuff for trade. Nick might be in the same boat as I am but I'm not sure.

  2. I'm with Ted, go for the 2012 Heritage. But maybe buy a few loose packs first just to make sure you want to drop the cash for a box or two. I've tracked down exactly one 2011 Heritage SP from my player needs in the last six months or so, they're just not out there that much after the initial buzz dies down.

    I'm still not sure whether I'm going to get a box of 2012 Heritage or not, I'll have to see if I've got the budget to pick up a box at the card show I'll be at this week. I'll definitely be picking up a few loose packs from Target or wherever, at least, so I'd be glad to help you out with your quest with the extras I pull, Kev!

    1. i was thinking 2 for $150 becuase that gets me free shipping from blowout cards... (i think you've mentioned them before, nick - right?) not sure yet, though... prob leaning towards 2012...

    2. Yeah, blowoutcards is probably the best.

      But I also forgot about what hiflew said below me, try for a couple retail boxes since you're not in it for the "hit" anyways. I think there's a few less cards, but they're a good amount cheaper.

      I actually accidentally bought a retail box of 2010 A&G when it came out (thinking it was a hobby box), but I got everything I would've wanted from a hobby box.

  3. My advice is to go for retail boxes. You get 1-2 less hits, but you get the same amount of cards for around 20-30 dollars less than hobby boxes. That's what I did last year and I got Heritage complete by mid-May.

  4. (Lifetimetopps)

    I bought 2 hobby boxes for 2012 - similar to you, I wanted the free shipping (I can't even remember if it's blowout cards - they all have free at around $150).

    The retail box idea is a good one - though I don't know how you buy a full box of retail. eBay maybe?

    Also, a hybrid is what I did for 2011 Heritage - I bought 1 hobby box, and then would buy some retail from Target every now and then. I know I bought at least 1 blaster and then bought a few loose packs and a jumbo here or there.