Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heritage Revisited

As the dawn of a new Heritage set nears, I wanted to share some of the cards I opened in the pack I bought other day.  Originally, I thought they were both insert sets - but it turns out that my limited knowledge of how the set worked misled me a bit.  The Ranger Danger card is part of the actual set, even though I couldn't really understand why card #263 appears as "The Right."  I'm not sure what that means, but on a different website I found the correct listing for the card, "Rangers Danger."

The second card is a baseball flashback subset, a ten card series featuring news stories from the year.  I have not idea if these are rare or not, or even if this is referred to as an "insert."  The live action shot of Mantle is nice, even if Topps has sort of "Mantle-d Out" a lot of collectors in recent years.

Again, the backs of the cards are beautiful, and as Josh Wilker points out in "Cardboard Gods," they remind you of the power of a baseball card to retell the story of a season.  Perhaps that's missing - or at least hidden a bit - in modern cards.  Another reason Heritage is so intriguing to me right now.

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  1. Heritage always has "News Flashbacks" and "Baseball Flashbacks." They are insert sets and pop up at the usual rate that inserts do.