Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heritage 2012 - First Card

I have to admit it.  I rigged this.  I opened my first pack of Topps 2012, and staring at me was Mark Reynolds.  Eh.  Not too memorable, and Nick at Dime Box broke in the new year with Mickey Mantle!  So at Target today I took a look through the $5.29 packs of 16 cards - I dedided the slighly see-through nature of the product would allow me to pick a better subject for my first card of the year.  When I saw the Jeter name, I grabbed it.

Now keep in mind, I am a die-hard Mets fan.  And it is a brutal time right now.  And I am also a Yankee hater, nearly all of the time.  But Jeter, for many reasons, I respect more than anyone.  I always consider David Wright "our Jeter" - and even though he seems to be failing to live up to most Mets' fans hopes for him, he IS still the best position player the team has produced in its history.  (We can debate Strawberry in a future post, but not tonight.)

So by choosing this pack, I hoped to salute a player who never fails to play the game the right way!


  1. Cool - what do you think about the cards?

    1. i like them! i read a post (i think on dime box) that mentioned that the card didn't look as "retro" beacuse of the white border, i think he meant on the back. i immediately worried about this (esp since i had just ordered 2 hobby boxes!) - but once i got them in hand, they definitely have that good Heritage feel to them... the back is just not that brownish cardboard that it was last year...

  2. I'm not collecting Heritage this year, but man I gotta get to a Target and buy a pack!

  3. How did you get Heritage on March 13? It wasn't released until March 14, and Target here north of Atlanta still doesn't have it as of March 15!

    I love the '63 design and splurged and bought 3 boxes on ebay. But they won't arrive till Monday. :( So I bought 4 packs at my hobby store to tide me over. Set looks great!