Monday, March 12, 2012

A bit more Heritage

My pack of Heritage didn't really wow me with who was included - although Braun certainly has created quite a buzz both on and off the field.  The photo of Zito is fun, as it looks almost like a drawing, and I marvel about what has become of his career.  I drafted Eric Surkamp as a prospect in a baseball league that I am in, and I read that he may provide the Giants with the final reason to get Zito out of the rotation.  Marlon Byrd's photo features some cool shadows and a neat team warm-up top.  I wonder what the future of the Cubs will bring, and I enjoyed the Bartman 30-for-30 on ESPN that debuted several months ago - a fascinating watch.

We are one day closer to 2012 Heritage hitting the shelves, by the way - and I'm happy to report that I've placed my order!


  1. Cool - I think you'll like the purchase.


  2. saw a pack at target today and grabbed one to get an early preview while i wait... i'll post them up tonight!