Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My first hobby box - Topps 2011 Series 1 - post 2

the next few packs...

pack 5: Mike Stanton, Clay Buchholz, first Met: Lucas Duda?!??, cool Sterlin Castro pic;
inserts: t60 Adam Jones, TT Latos, old cardboard Ty Cobb

pack 6: Bonifacio very cool pic, ooohhh Sparkly: Ben Revere RC!;
inserts: TT Carlos Santana, Diamond Giveaway

pack 7: Alexei Ramirez, Brandon Inge (lifetime .237 hitter, really?!?), Posey ROY, Utley;
inserts: Diamond Giveaway, Kimball Josh Johnson, TT Hamilton

pack 8: Horizantal Halladay, Gaby Sanchez (ASR), Latos, future Met Michael Young (I dare to dream)
inserts: D-Duos Hamilton-Guerrero, Lost Cards Campanella, TT Price

pack 9: CarGo, Cousins RC, Met - Pagan;
inserts: T60 Nolan Ryan (one of my faves), old cardboard Gehrig, TT Garza

pack 10: Bogusevic RC;
inserts: 60YOT Rizzuto, Kimball Strasburg, TT Wells

and that's it for tonight!

my favorite inserts of the session: Nolan Ryan T60, Campy and Rizzuto 60YOT...
my favorite base card... probably Roy Halladay

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  1. I kind of like the Topps 60 sets - they aren't getting a lot of love from what I've read, but they're pretty cool. Any Nolan Ryan card is a good one by me.