Monday, February 21, 2011

My first hobby box - Topps 2011 Series 1 - stats!

These are the results of my first hobby box. These are NOT all of my topps 2011 series 1; i just wanted to post the specific results of my box so you can see what I got, and compare it to your own haul. I'd love to see some comments or questions, and as I mentioned in a previous post, I am not sure exactly what I am collecting, and what to do with "extras" - i'd love to hear your ideas!

Totaling up some numbers, here's what I got:

base cards: 253 cards of 330, no duplicates.

SHINIES, i got 9: 59,80,88,95,99,143,285,292,328

Topps Town, i got 36/50: i am missing 14: 7,8,13,16,17,19,24,25,27,32,33,36,44,50

History of Topps, i got 2: hot7 and hot9

Topps Diamond Giveaway, i got 6: TDG 4,5,6,7,8,9

T60, i got 9: 2,12,19,20,25,33,36,44,47

T60A, the auto, and if you've been following, you know it's the immortal Felix Dubront

60 YOT, i got 12: 5,6,11,14,17,20,22,31,35,38,40,50

Original Back, i got just one: 1987 Dennis Eckersley

60 YOT - Lost Cards, i got 3: LC 4,5,6

5 Cardboard Old Guys: CMGR 8,9,17,21,27

diamond duos, i got 9: (alphabetically) BD,CS,HG,HJ,KT,LJ,PC,TU,UR

Gold Parallels, i got 4: 43,212,227,233

I have one short print old timer guy parallel: Jimmie Fox, 315

and finally, 9 Kimball Champions: 8,13,19,24,34,35,37,44,45

some notes: i got so many of the topps town hideous cards. i feel obligated to find the rest, if only to complete it... but i do ask myself why???

also, can someone put into their own words the Diamond Giveaway? do you love it? hate it? i've read lots of complaints about the shipping costs involved in any cards - is that the only problem? and the "virtual rings" that i saw mentioned... is that fun for you? i can't imagine it would be much fun for me, but i'm willing to be convinced otherwise...

also, does anyone use their Toppstown codes online? is THAT any fun?

well, that was more like a list of questions - here's my overall impression: i probably should have bought the jumbo hobby box, for the 3 hits - may have given a bit more excitement. that said, i like chasing the base set, so this probably did its job in allowing me to enjoy that...


  1. Looks like you got a pretty decent box! At least you got an autograph card as your hit and not a manu-crap-tured pleather nameplate like I got in my box.
    If you feel compelled to complete the ToppsTown insert set, I could probably help you out (along with anybody else whose opened any packs this year!!!).
    I haven't redeemed any codes this year in the Million Card Diamond Overproduction Era Gobbledeegook Giveaway. I'm sitting on about 10 or 12 codes and I don't know if I want to jump in this year.
    I tried some of the ToppsTown codes 2 years ago... It's mostly geared towards kids.

    If you need some cards to complete your base set or need some of the ToppsTown cards, I'd like to trade with you as long as you have some cards from my wantlists (linked on my blog)

  2. i will check out the want lists - and i still have to catalogue the rest of my 2011, since i kept running to target for packs while i was waiting for the hobby box!