Thursday, January 31, 2013

Topps 2013 - Opening Day in January

One of my favorite things about the hobby is that on a cold, windy January day, I can get home and get the same "opening day" feeling that I will get in April - and months before a meaningful pitch is actually thrown.  I know that many have posted Topps 2013 impressions already, but I managed to resist the urge to pick up a blaster early, and waited instead for my Jumbo box to arrive.  And the first card of 2013 that I peeked upon was Tim Hudson, a man about to win his 200th game this season - a number to "chase" since 300 doesn't really seem very possible anymore!

My lone Met in the 50-card jumbo pack featured a very cool photo - even if I half-believe that Murphy probably wound up throwing this ball into the dugout.  Murphy played an adequate second base for the team this season, but unless he turns into the .320 hitter with 40 doubles that his best streaks suggest, he may not be long for the team.

I'd say I moderately like the "Chasing the Dream" insert set.  Design is better than average, and I like the oversized team logo in the background.  I'll probably feel more strongly after I see more of the subjects, but for now, I appreciate the variety of the inserts as opposed to last year's clubbing-over-the-head with gold.

These are probably my two favorite "special cards" - a green shiny Howard and the Chasing History Koufax.  The Koufax card has a nice shine to it, and the team logo really pops in that black box.  The green shiny is a nice twist on the shiny theme - still not as nice as those diamond shinies from a few years ago, but they still look good - maybe a bit better than last year's gold.

I was a little disappointed that my auto is one that I have to send in for - just a bit annoying.  And I don't really know about the Alonso card - would have rather had more of a name player.  I do love the retro mini, though, and I'm pretty sure I will complete that set.  Last year I made sure I chased down the '87 minis (though I still haven't finished the Update Series additions - my "dealer" at the card show missed the last few shows, so I may have to find a new strategy) - and I'm planning to do the same this year.

My other cards included a gold Jim Johnson (0454/2013) and a "Million Dollar Chase" Card.

In closing, I liked this Jumbo pack, but didn't really love it - and as a Mets fan, I didn't really get much of a team payoff... but I do have nine packs to go!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I am selling 33 unused Golden Giveaway codes on EBAY

Hello, all!

In a last-ditch attempt to raise funds to defray the cost of some Topps 2013, I have listed 33 unused codes for the Topps Golden Giveaway on ebay.

I have not sold cards (or codes) on ebay before, so this was not really that well thought-out...  I probably should have done it a week (or longer) ago.

But with the code cards expiring on 2-1-13, I figured I'd announce it here, as well.

I started the price at $9.99, with a buy-it-now option at $25.

If that is appealing to you, or anyone you know MAY be interested in this, please pass on the info as soon as you can!

Here's the listing, if interested: