Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I am selling 33 unused Golden Giveaway codes on EBAY

Hello, all!

In a last-ditch attempt to raise funds to defray the cost of some Topps 2013, I have listed 33 unused codes for the Topps Golden Giveaway on ebay.

I have not sold cards (or codes) on ebay before, so this was not really that well thought-out...  I probably should have done it a week (or longer) ago.

But with the code cards expiring on 2-1-13, I figured I'd announce it here, as well.

I started the price at $9.99, with a buy-it-now option at $25.

If that is appealing to you, or anyone you know MAY be interested in this, please pass on the info as soon as you can!

Here's the listing, if interested:

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