Saturday, June 18, 2011

i don't understand gold parallels...

Can anyone explain these to me?

Once every few packs, i get a gold parallel. Just opened "Joe Blanton" - nice! Well, what do they even make these? I don't really get it. Is it to make collectors of that "player" need to buy an extra (and i guess far more rare) card?

The cards aren't even very nice - the gold border doesn't make the card look better, and probably makes it look worse!

At least the sparkly diamond parallels (not the ones with the small diamond hidden in the pic - i am talking about the cards with the sparkle effect all over) - they are kinda cool looking.

Do you guys get into these gold parallels?

And what do you do with them, since they don't really complete sets?

And I really appreciate your suggestions to my last post - I guess I need to build up a "trade network" I guess!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How do YOU complete your set?

I have a question, as a relatively new (yet kinda old) collector.

I recently completed my Topps 2011 Baseball, Series 1 (cards 1-330) set. As I got closer, it became silly to buy packs, as nearly every card I received was a "double." I found myself 24 cards short, went to EBAY and found a seller offering "You Pick 25" - I won the auction for about $6, including shipping.

My question is this - how do you guys complete your sets? Do you have/know a local dealer? Do you belong to groups that trade cards back and forth? Do you use EBAY, like I did? Or do you not really complete sets in this manner, at all?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

topps 2011 series 2 baseball - results soon!


just saw the new topps 2011 series 2 baseball have arrived at target - picked up two of the $4.99 packs (36 cards in each) - will open and post results tonight!

also, i saw a few different purchase options - one is a $7.99 package which includes 4 12-card packs and a "diamond giveaway" card...

also saw a $9.99 box...

which do you guys feel is "best"?

i know it depends on what you are looking for - i like to build base sets (but never really get them all the way finished) - what do you guys like to do?