Saturday, February 19, 2011

My first hobby box - Topps 2011 Series 1 - post 4

this'll be a quickie -

9 packs in 9 minutes of typing... ready... go!

p19: David Wright, yes! (he prob made an error on this play...), Kershaw, David Price checklist, and cool Polance pic with some fannies in the background...

inserts: TT Ortiz, ugly HoT: 1989 Reintro Bowman, DD Sabathia and Carlton

p20: Lannan (just like his overbite on the pic)
inserts: Kimball Lester, TT Verlander, 60YOT: '82 Jim Palmer (i remember this card!)

p21: Michael Saunders (already saw this blogged about, SUPER photo!),
inserts: Gold McClouth, T60 - Johan, TT Halladay

p22: Aroldis Chapman RC (cool horiz pic, too!),
inserts: SHINY Desmond Jennings, 60Yot: '71 Nolan Ryan, TT Tulowitzki

p23: AL RoY Neftali Feliz (nice horiz from overhead angle pic), Josh Johnson,
inserts: Kimball Pence, Diamond Giveaway, TT Votto

p24: inserts: T60 Orlando Cepeda, Ugly HoT Eisner face, TT Chubby Sabathia

p25: Lester, Brennan Boesch (great horiz pic moment before he crushes the ball), Garrett Jones (this may be the Ugliest and Worst pic in the set)
inserts: TT Youkilis, SHINY Darren Ford RC, 60Yot: '86 Winfield (sweet card!)

p26: King Felix Cy Young,
inserts: 60Yot Lost Cards: '55 Whitey Ford, DD Cabrera-Pujols (both in the news this spring), TT CarGo

p27: Oswalt,
inserts: Kimball Cobb, 60Yot: '01 Manny, TT Wright (Wright opened and closed the session!)

best base card: Wright (personal preference), but Saunders is a great pic, as well!
best insert: '71 Ryan, '86 Winfield, T60 Johan

one more session, nine more packs to go...
(then a stat breakdown of the hobby box)

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