Sunday, February 20, 2011

My first hobby box - Topps 2011 Series 1 - post 5

The final nine packs have just been opened, and though i was hoping for another relic/auto card from this - my first - hobby box, sadly it was not to be. I know, I know, I am sure you are wondering, "How could this guy want ANYTHING else after pulling the immortal Felix Doubrant auto early in the box?!?" Well, I guess I dare to dream.

And now, pack 28: Zito (just bring him up because I love the photography of the whole set, and nowhere is it more evident than the "little things" - check out his fingers around the ball, showing that change-up grip... very cool);
inserts: Old Cardboard George Sisler, T60 Andre Dawson, TT Zimmerman

pack 29: Lucas May RC (again, on the photo, looks like a great crush-the-ball swing, but on the extreme close-up provided, check out the bat splitting on the handle... nice!);
inserts: SHINY Jeffress, 60yot 1973 fisk, TT A-Gonz

pack 30: Buster Posey RC (not a good pic, though, to me);
inserts: GOLD Pedro Feliz, t60 duke snider, tt manny

pack 31: Josh Hamilton MVP;
inserts: SHINT David Price, diamond giveaway, tt ichiro

pack 32: Joe Ceda RC (i point this out because it may be the most boring photo setup of the set);
inserts: tt cabrera, dd braun/ike davis (why are these 2 on the same card?!?!?)

pack 33: Votto;
inserts: 60yot '57 mantle, kimball braun, tt vlad

pack 34: Ankiel (such good action on the photo, esp 3rd base coach)
inserts: Jimmie Fox weird old card parallel, dd utley/rollins, tt brett anderson

pack 35: hong chih kuo (check out his stats in '10: 60 ip, 29 h, 18 w, 73 k - that's about as good as it gets!);
inserts: diamond giveaway, tt adam jones, kimball morrow

pack 36: Jose Bautista (hgh statline: hr's last 5 years: 16,15,15,13,54)
inserts: t60 p fielder, GOLD ramon hernandez, tt braun

closing thoughts on today's packs:

first, in my entire hobby box, NO diamond thingie's. you know, the small diamond somewhere on the card? what was the odds on pulling one? just curious?

best base card: Posey
best insert: the parallel (is that what you call it?) Jimmy Foxx, though he has his eyes closed! i like the t60 Dawson, too - the old expos uniform makes me smile - i guess that is the honorable mention...

i'm going to do some totals in the next day or two, let you know what i have, once it's all counted.

my question, though, as i mentioned in one of my early posts...

what SHOULD i be collecting? i want a base set, but what else? what are you guys out there collecting from this set? what should i do with "everything else?"

i've never sent a card through the mail - what are the "rules" to make sure it gets to its destination "safely"???

thanks for reading!

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  1. It seems that a lot of people are going after the shiny parallels and the Kimball minis. Going after everything is a lot to take on, but it can be done through trading with other bloggers. I haven't done many TTMs, but the rule seems to be you want to make it as easy as possible on the player. A lot of other bloggers do TTMs so you should be able to get some good advice.