Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My first hobby box - Topps 2011 Series 1

After reading all of the baseball card blogs out there, I decided to jump in and purchase my first hobby box. Went to ebay, paid $59 (plus $7 shipping), so for $66, it was mine. Decent price, I think?
It's time to open a few packs. Let me start by saying that I have no idea exactly what I am collecting. I will try to complete the set, and I like the Kimball mini's and the sparkles, but other than that, I am not sure exactly what I am gathering. As a Mets fan, I am hoping that my "hits" are related to them, but I honestly am just collecting for nostalgic reasons... I want to enjoy ripping the pack and seeing what's inside!
So, since I am painting my remodeled bathroom and simply taking a short break, here are the first few packs:
first card: Cliff Lee... well, that's omimous for a Mets fan to see!
others: Padres team card has a cool pic (i really like the photography of this set), Andrew McCutcheon's card has a cool pic, as well.
inserts: Dan Haren on boring Toppstown, 60 YOT: 1968 Frank & Brooks Robinson, David Ortiz Kimball's Champion.
pack two:
Mo Rivera, Jimmy Rollins (what happened to him the last 2 years?!?), Andrew Bailey
T60: Andre Ethier, Jimmie Foxx cool cardboard card CMGR-17, TT Pedroia
pack three:
ooohh, shiny Gaby Sanchez topps all-star rookie!
Jay Bruce is probably best base card - kinda boring pack...
inserts: 60 YOT: 1989 Bo Jackson on Royals Leaders card, TT Chris Young
pack four:
Koji Uehara, great k:bb ratio! (55:5), Chacin, Brian Wilson, Arroyo - nice pitcher pack!
inserts: Diamond Duo Killebrew-Thome, TT: Brett Wallace...
and then, I am looking at the back of a T60 card... who is this guy? Felix Doubront??? let me see his face... I turn the card over, and...
did you guys know that Felix was tied for 13th in strikeouts in the South Atlantic League? Go Greenville!
hmm. I was excited to see the auto... but Felix Doubront?!?


  1. Player selection kinda ruins the moment, doesn't it?

  2. haha - you got it. i was SERIOUSLY excited, and then kinda just confused, all in the same instant!