Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first hobby box - Topps 2011 Series 1 - post 3

aiming to finish the first half of the hobby box - that's 8 more packs...

and i'm hoping for some Mets-related goodies, such as this:

So, here we go!
pack 11: Bobby Jenks kicks off the session... then David DeJesus, who lives in my new hometown, Manalapan, NJ! Miguel Cabrera is next - he was in the news today! Stephen Drew and Billy Wagner - nice base cards...
inserts: TT Choo, T60 Manny, Old Cardboard Cy Young... all in all, a pretty nice pack!
pack 12: first two cards i see, Heyward TT (hate TT, but Heyward is Heyward) and Johan! Love Santana - please let him be back around the all-star break! nice pack - Carlos Santana, Cano, Desmond Jennings RC, Hank Conger RC, SHINY Brian Bogusevic RC; other insert: Diamond Giveaway
pack 13: SHINY Pedro Alvarez! Freeman RC, 60YOT - Gaylord Perry 1962, Longoria TT
pack 14: Greinke, B. Snyder RC, Hellickson RC, Ozzie Martinez RC, Gold Brendan Ryan, Billy Butler TT, Diamond Duo: Ricky Henderson/Desmond Jennings
pack 15: Luke Scott, Chris Carpenter, DD Takahashi/Uehara, TT Hanley, and the last card is an original back Dennis Eckersley from '87
pack 16: ARoid, Bay, 60Yot: Lou Brock, '65, TT Castro
pack 17: Marmol, SHINY Conger RC, 60Yot Roberto Alomar '91 - this guy was just another player who came to the Mets and left all his skills with his old team, TT King Felix, Kimball Votto
pack 18: Gio Gonzalez (stud to be?), McGee RC, Anderson RC, 60Yot Lost Card '55 Musial, DD Larkin/Jeter, Posey TT
and now a recap of the session:
3 SHINY's, 1 gold
favorite insert: Cardboard Cy Young? maybe '65 Brock? i think Brock, but both are good looking, for different reasons...
favorite base: Johan. Best Met. Wright is my favorite, by Johan is a close second...
only one Kimball, kinda disappointing...
kinda fun pic: Justin Upton catching a ball that he doesn't really seem to be looking at!

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