Monday, February 6, 2012

Topps 2012 - What a Target Blaster Box buys you - Stats and more!

First, a quick picture of the best cards in my final 3 packs.  Ripken, Mattingly, Hosmer, Jeter - a nice set of names!

And that wraps up my journey through the Target blaster box, 10 packs, 80 cards, plus 1 manu-patch.

Here's my haul: 

62 base cards, with not a single duplicate.  (Contast this with my rantings about my hanger box!)
1 Retired Number Patch of Al Kaline.
1 Gold Standard - Frank Robinson (GS-7).
3 Gold Shinies - Olivo, Whiteside, Pelfrey (118,127,214).
2 Gold Futures - Hosmer, Lavarnway (GF-5,22).
2 Golden Moments - Berkman, Maris (GM-27,32).
3 1987 Mini's - Jeter, Uggla, A. Gonzalez (TM-16,24,33).
2 Golden Greats - Ripken, Seaver (GG-42,57)
1 Classic Walkoff - Soriano (CW-8)
2 Timeless Talents - Mattingly/Hosmer, Sandberg/Uggla (TT-3,10)
2 Golden Giveaway - Mays, Ichiro (GGC-7,9)

And in the mail today, I received my hobby box!

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