Thursday, February 2, 2012

topps 2012 - some good base cards

So these are the four base cards I chose to highlight - narrowly missing the cut were my two Mets (Turner and Niese) and Billy Butler's really happy face... So instead, I picked Ben Revere's diving (no-look?) catch - real nice photo, huh? And Marlon Byrd against the green ivy. I have a feeling he made this catch look harder than it was, but isn't that what getting a cool photo on a baseball card is all about?
For my other two selections, I decided to pay respect to blogger "play at the plate" by picking a couple he could appreciate. I know the Avila is a few moments after the fact, but the Montero is in action, even if the cropping of the beheaded runner is a little strange...
Enjoy, fellas. Now that I've put that hanger box to rest, I can open my blaster...
(ps- my closing thought on hanger box: avoid.)


  1. The Marlon Byrd is probably my favorite from the 2012 Topps base set. He's one of my favorites anyways, the great photo just tops it off.

  2. From what I've seen, there are a number of patp cards. Thanks for pointing those out!