Sunday, February 5, 2012

Topps 2012 - Blaster results (2) - four more packs

These are the next four packs from my blaster - and I gotta say, the blaster has yielded more than the hanger box, plus I haven't had to deal with the rash of duplicates that the hanger produced. That said, a first disappointment was that seeing that the Gold Standard insert was the exact one I had already received in the hanger box! Oh, well - anyone interested in trading for the Frank Robinson? The Eli Whiteside gold shiny is nice - these are growing on me... And Hanley, oh Hanley. My number one pick in fantasy baseball last season. And I am sure this is a card of him popping out to short right field. It will be interesting to see how his petulance surfaces with Reyes aboard...

I am going to say that I like the color scheme better on the "Timeless Talents" insert than last year's iteration of this (diamond duos? was that what it was called?). The red-white-blue here is visually appealing, at least. And the Uggla mini - remember when he was hitting like .115 at the all-star break? (i'm exaggerating - but only a bit...)
Yessss! A Seaver insert! And I read someone write about the Kyle Blanks card a few days ago, but this is the first time I saw it in person. Definitely movie-esque...

And the inserts from the final pack include the Gold Futures, which I have already said that I really like... And the kinda boring Golden Moments, Lance Berkman. I can't believe this guy put up the season he did after what I saw with the Yankees the year before. Had anyone ever looked more done than Berkman in 2010?

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