Saturday, February 4, 2012

Topps 2012 - Blaster results - 3 packs

Doesn't everyone just LOVE when I try to lay out three pictures in one blog post? I decided to post some of the inserts and/or interesting cards in each of my first three packs from the target blaster - perhaps I'll review the base card haul at the end of the ten packs. So, here we go! First, the "Yankee pack" featuring Soriano and Maris. Looking more closely, the Soriano card is growing on me. The color pic in the left corner is cool and high-def looking, and the end result in the bottom right is murkier, but still pretty interesting. In comparison, sorry to say this, but the Maris card is just plain boring.
Looking at the "Pelfrey pack" - my apologies, I am a huge (and hugely disappointed) Mets fan, so I guess this is as good as it gets for a gold sparkly. I like them, but I think (as I mentioned in an earlier post) that the card looked better last year with the diamond sparkly. As for the other card - I really like these Gold Futures. I haven't seen many people talk about them on the blogs - but look closely at it - I really like how the black outline works with the gold trim. And the team logo is nicely featured in the front, and the picture is solid, as well. I don't know, guys - do I just like this insert more than everyone else?
The only insert in this one was the '87 mini, which everyone - me, included - loves. I wanted to include a "play at the plate" for another blogger out there, and then finally another Met. I am glad Izzy got to have some success in the uniform last year... if you are a Mets supporter and somewhat near my age, perhaps you can remember the "Generation K" flameout that marked the team's demise in the early 2000's. Anyone remember who the 3 Mets phenoms were from that generation? (Izzy is one, who are the other two?)


  1. That Izzy card is a pretty cool photo!

  2. do you think that was his 300th save? my guess is that it was - unless it was his first save this year?

  3. ok, just checked, Thole was the catcher for the 300th save... Paulino was the catcher for his first save of the season, and it was a home game - so that's my guess...