Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet the Mets... thanks to "O" No!!!

For the first time since I joined the blogosphere, I have completed a trade!  I have a couple that I recently finished, and first wanted to highlight Ryan from http://anotheroriolesblog.blogspot.com/.  I had sent him some O's shiny gold cards, and a Brooks Robinson Golden Great, and got back a group of Mets to add to my collection!

I am still "hunting and pecking" when it comes to collecting - trying to decide what I want to specialize in, if anything!  I've been chasing some vintage Mets cards, stalking ebay and a couple of local card shows - just trying to figure out what "feels right."  And thanks to Ryan, I have added a nice sampling of Mets from the last couple of years!

Thanks to him, and sorry for being slow to post over the past couple of days...  LIFE has crept back in and tried to steal my attention away from cardboard... but don't worry, I have some new posts in mind, including sharing some cards from my Second-Ever card show!

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  1. Nice looking cards! I only have one of those sparkly cards, an RA Dickey card from series one.