Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Topps 2012 Series One - Hanger Box Analysis

My Topps 2012 season begins, and I decided to open my hanger box first. 72 cards, 9.99 at Target. And of course, I have some gripes. I am pretty much a Topps fanboy, normally - but my first (and biggest) gripe is this: in one box of 72 cards, i received SEVEN duplicates... and think about it - i only got 62 base cards - 55 singles, and 7 doubles?!? That's ridiculous, no?
My other gripe is smaller, just that the inserts (except for the 87 minis) kind of blend into one another. Not a huge deal to me, though, since I like to complete the base set and take what inserts come to me...
So, for a closer look at my inserts: the Aaron "golden great" is pretty cool - the story on the back is a neat slice of history - which I like. The Robinson "gold standard" is a bit cooler, the raised-seal effect is nice, though the picture is a little small.
The backs are nice, with clear, large enough to read font.
(i have to break this into two posts, since i can't figure out how to format on blogger!)


  1. I've seen lots of people complaining about the dupes. It's awful, but typical.

  2. I had collation issues. I bought two of the hanger boxes, and got a lot of the same cards in the same exact order.

  3. yup - same cards, same order...

    i'm done with hanger boxes as a result...