Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Please forgive my sloppy scanning, but this was my second ever completed trade, and I just wanted to share my experience and "how it went down."  For a couple of years I have been reading the Nachos Grande blog - and honestly, with a name like that, how can you pass it up?  (And yes, I am always hungry after visiting!)

Anyway, two great features on the website are his running poll on Great Barry Larkin cards (which for me is a tour through all the great and varied collecting options of the last 20 years), and his "trade stacks."  Basically, he adds one (or more) cards to a stack that he is offering, and if you simply post a comment to claim a card (by offering one of your own cards from his wish list - and there are PLENTY of options), the entire stack is yours!

I had followed these for awhile, casually, and always wanted to jump in for the fun of it.  And when I checked in last, there was a bunch of cards (and one Met card) that caught my eye. 

I had never purchased a Topps Lineage card - that was fun to hold, love the nice cardboard feel!  And I also have never owned a Bowman card, so the Nava and Hunter intrigued me, as well.

There were a few Allen & Ginter cards that I didn't scan, as well, but I just wanted to thank FanOfReds for providing such good nourishment every day!  Check it out:

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