Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Topps 2012 Series One - Hanger Box continued

Again, my apologies for having to split this into two posts - how the heck do i move pictures around?!?
Classic Walk-Off Mantle - the same exact picture, in 3 places on the card? and none very big at all? the Yankees logo, though small, just seems to eat up space that could be better used...
Gold Futures Rizzo - this is nicer. the number, position and logo are nicely presented and very visible. the picture is more of the card than the Mantle (which really isn't saying much), and i like the black border and gold trim.
87 mini - i think everyone likes these. i am considering chasing them.
Golden Moments Ellsbury - hmm, the words "golden moments" take up too much space on the left, the card itself is dominated by open space, the "making up for lost time" is a cool little slogan (i'll judge others later, when i see them)
Ok, that's my thoughts on the inserts. I got one golden sparkly, too - but i gotta sleep. I'll comment on that, the red bordered cards, and the base cards tomorrow.

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