Thursday, February 2, 2012

Topps 2012 - less impressive inserts

Well, my inability to create an aesthically pleasing layout continues, but honeslty, I just want to finish up the analysis of this hanger box. So here goes: First up, the red parallels - I don't know, I really have no connection to these at all - no desire to collect them, no interest in them - and honestly, they don't even look very good. Are they a Target thing?
Gold Shiny - The Luke Scott is a pretty cool card, and the gold shiny is fun as well... IF it hadn't been done better last year with the diamond shinies...
Timeless Talents - As many other bloggers have said, this has been done, in some form or another, every year. And this year's version is no better or worse...
I'll try to post later on my base cards...
Dinner time!


  1. Yeah the Target ones are red and the Wal Marts are blue, just like 2011 Update. I think it is a god replacement for the "blackout" Wal Mart and "old cardboard" Target from the past few years.

    Speaking of which is the Rex Brothers red border up for trade?

  2. Replies
    1. Would a Kimball Champions Jose Reyes from 2011 work?

  3. I haven't attempted a multicard post yet, so that should be fun.

  4. yea, i'm kind of a train wreck...

  5. There are also purple parallels for Toys R Us. Bought a pack tonight, they tease this "Includes 3 exclusive inserts! Complete the entire set". Who are they kidding, 3 parallels in a $2.99 pack? I was hoping they were something like last years purple version of the Diamond Stars.

  6. Red-bordered Kemp up for trade? Give me a shout.

  7. I only go for my Rangers in the colored border wars between all the "exclusive" packs out there. It's all a little much.

  8. >>>Red-bordered Kemp up for trade? Give me a shout.

    sure - offer some Mets thingie...