Friday, February 3, 2012

Topps 2012 - Blaster results (1)

Here's a peek at "the patch" - the much-maligned reason (only reason? best reason?) to buy the blaster from Target.
Interestingly, Hall of Famer Al Kaline never won an MVP. He was second twice, in '55 and '63, though. He led the league in hitting in '55, at just 20 years old, hitting .340. He did make 13 consecutive all-star games, though, and helped lead the Tigers to the World Series title in '68, hitting .379 and slugging .655 in that series.


  1. I like these manu patches for a change. Want to trade it?

  2. i think i like them also - but i kinda want the seaver... what would you offer?

    1. I've got several different game-used and auto cards listed on my blog if you want to take a look. Look for the link underneath the blog title.