Thursday, February 23, 2012


The last thing I read before heading to the card show, was to try to find something for another blogger out there.  But honestly, I haven't really been around long enough (or am not really organized enough) to see and remember who is collecting what!  But I do remember seeing on Nick's page that Hoyt Wilhelm was a guy he likes collecting.  Since Nick is a dime box collector, I wasn't sure exactly what he owned, but when I was thumbing through some 1970 cards, this card just jumped out at me!  Surely he needed this card, right?!?

Well, when I got home that afternoon, I made my way over to Nick's wantlist, and saw that it was NOT the 1970 that he needed, but the 1961...  well - I guess I was off by nearly a decade, but this card will at least remind me of the blog and blogger who got me to attend my first card show!


  1. I think this was actually the first vintage card of Hoyt that I ever owned, although I'm not altogether sure of how it came into my possession.

    Thanks for thinking of me! After all, it's the thought that counts. :)

  2. Funny you mention the '61 Topps Wilhelm. I just won one on eBay last night for 17.50. It completed my 1961 Orioles Team set! I really is a sweet card with Hoyt showing off his knuckleball grip.