Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Topps 2012 - first card of the new year

It was finally time to open my first baseball card of the new year, and after reading another blogger's post about opening his pack to start the year with a Mickey Mantle card, I became excited for my own first moment. Who could it be? Perhaps one of my remaining Mets, to signal that anything is possible this season, a symbol to have hope in what has been the darkest offseason I can remember? Or maybe even the player I most respect on my hated rival, the Yankees, Derek Jeter - the classiest guy that I love to root against? Maybe the Albert Pujols World Series card, #108, to remind every fan that any team has a chance, even if your best pitcher is lost for the year before the season even begins? And that a great regular season record isn't necessary to hoist the trophy, as the Cardinals have proven twice now in the last half-dozen years...

And of course, as I cut open my Topps 2012 Baseball, Series One hanger box (purchased at Target, 10.49), who throws a ball seemingly right at me?

Mark Reynolds.

Eh, no symbolism to me.


  1. Wait. Hanger boxes @ Target are $.50 more than @ Walmart?

  2. no, funny story on that - sorry!

    so, i THOUGHT i paid 9.99 at target, but then today, when i looked at the box, it said 10.49. hmm, strange, i thought. but then i looked at the plastic wrapper, and there was a 9.99 sticker on it - and it replaced (or i guess was placed directly over) the 10.49 number...

    so, in the end, it is a 9.99 box. with strangely, the 10.49 price lurking ominously below it...