Friday, February 3, 2012

Reasonable Prices at my Local Card Shop

Since I've read a lot of things to the contrary, and actually wrote some negative things about pricing at a different store nearby my work, I just wanted to share a positive tale. I had waited this week to go to my local card shop, aptly named "The Hobby Shop" to take a look at their selection of Topps 2012. With a new baby, finding 45 minutes to take the ride there and back became a bit of a challenge - but today I was able to find the time. And to my pleasant surprise, I found packs priced at 1.99 and a hobby box for 69.99... not too shabby, especially if you consult ebay at the moment. Jumbos, which I did not purchase, were 12.99 per pack, and I believe 129.99 for the box. I am not exactly positive on the jumbo prices, but that's what I remember. Anyway, kudos to them for being reasonable, and pleasant to talk to.

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