Monday, June 11, 2012

Topps 2012 Archives - Hobby Box stats

Just a quick stat rundown, in case you are interested in buying a hobby box now that the price has come down a bit.

I picked up 160 base cards (of the 200) - and curiously, I picked up one duplicate in the box.  The first hobby box did not have any duplicates.  The base cards were spread evenly - 40 out of 50 of each of the 50-card base sets.

The two auto's for this box were Bud Harrelson and Bill Madlock.

I pulled 6 of the Archives stamped reprints, and 6 of the high numbered SP's.  This was the same in each box.

Two deckle edge, just like last box - Cepeda and Gibson.

Three 3-D cards and three stickers.

Four cloth stickers and two rainbow foil parallels.

Also, the Yovani Gallardo relic - and I only pulled the relic in this, the second hobby box.


  1. Let me know what you need from this when you get your wantlist together - I still owe you some cards!

  2. i'm looking for gypsy queen photo variations - i need 5 and i'm done - they are 76, 141, 157, 236, 270...

    i have the base, just need the SP photo variation... any luck?