Monday, June 4, 2012

Topps 2012 Archives - final 8 packs

I'll blow through these pretty quick, especially since it looks like people are "Archives-ed Out" -

A quick scan of my favorite base cards in these eight packs:  Go Johan!  What a friday night!  Nice classic names in the oldest cards, the 71's featured a cool Mike Schmidt, while the 80's Yu Darvish rookie stands out.  No 84's of note, so I didn't scan them.

Two high-numbered SP's - Kingman,  a Met!  And a rainbow Marcum...

The great names of the late 70's and 80's continue with Stargell and Brett.  I don't remember the Brett card - I was a bit young, but I do remember the Stargell - loved the all-yellow card and all-yellow uniform.

I am still not feelin' the stickers.

And still my favorite insert set of Archives.  Any extra's that you don't want?  Send them my way!  I gotta link up with Lifetime Topps Project and see if he had any dupes, with his two hobby boxes.  Then again, I gotta open my second box, too!

(Two hobby boxes were probably overkill, here - wish I had realized that sooner!)

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  1. Could I trade you anything for the Kingman (I'm an old Mets fan from the 70's).