Sunday, April 19, 2009

the State of the Mets

I like to watch Sunday night baseball, check in on my fantasy teams, and write my little blog entry... but tonight, rain at Wrigley has left me watching TravelHD's top ten wonders of the west. Just passed the Redwoods (#4) and it's time for Yosemite (#3).

And kind of like hiking through Death Valley (#10) in the middle of the summer, watching the opening two weeks of the Mets has me nervous about survival.

The Mets have simply handed away three games this season; Church's dropped fly ball cost them one, Murphy's dropped fly 6 games ago was a second, and today's offensive offense marks the third. Suppan and Coffey held the team to 2 runs, stranding nine runners, and escaping two (i think) bases loaded, one-out situatuons without yielding a run.

The Mets have played Cincinnati, Milwalkee, Florida and San Diego - four teams expected to be near the bottom of their respective divisions. This had the recipe for an 8-4 start - and that's not even going overboard - but instead they hover around .500, not putting any distance between themselves and the Phillies.

The Mets simply fail to take advantage of opportunities - on either scale. Within a game, Beltran and Wright have been the biggest culprits, getting numerous opportunities to break open a game with key at-bats to create rallies and put games out-of-reach. On a larger scale, the Mets have failed to take advantage of this early season schedule and a scuffling Phillies team.

Here are three FACTS about 2009 so far:

Johan Santana has been unbelievable, yielding just 3 runs in his 3 starts (0.46 ERA)

Beltran, Wright, Delgado, Church and even freaking Castillo (.400 !!!) are each hitting over .310.

The bullpen has been better than imagined, saving 3-out-of 3 opps, and Putz, Green and Parnell have set up brilliantly..., when you consider those 3 facts, what would YOU predict the Mets record would be?



Oh, and the Grand Canyon was just listed as #1 wonder of the west - a giant hole that is VERY difficult to climb yourself out of...

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