Saturday, May 2, 2009

help from the farm?

At the 20-game mark, it is time to figure out exactly how to fix this Mets team...

The main culprit has been the non-Santana starting pitchers, and I'm going to isolate Oliver Perez - probably because when I went to Citi field last week, he was "pitching" - by that I mean walking every other batter and giving up extra-base hits to the #7 and #8 batters...

So how to fix this? It's major league baseball, so simply look to the farm!

I looked up the Mets AAA team, the Buffalo Bisons, figuring Jonathan Niese or Dillon Gee (honestly I hadn't even heard of this guy before spring training) might be ready to come up and spark the team.

As I looked up the pitching stats, I noticed something curious - there were not many Bisons' pitchers with any victories. To verify, I decided to look at the AAA standings page, and lo and behold I saw it: Buffalo Bisons, 2-17, last place.


Ah, the future is bright, Mets fans!

(and in case you were wondering: Niese, 0-2, 6.55; Gee, 0-3, 5.40 - and these are the TOP TWO pitchers in Buffalo...)

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