Wednesday, April 15, 2009

NL East - week one review

After one full week of games (about 7 for each team), let's take a look:

The Phillies, defending world champs, are giving up 6.5 runs per game. In an earlier post, I noted the suspect nature of the starting pitching, but I have to give them credit - they've survived several shaky starts to post a 4-3 record. Howard's hit all of ONE home run, so when he heats up, so do they. I still don't know how long they can survive starts like they've received so far (Myers, 2 starts: 5.54 era; Moyer, 2 starts: 6.55 era; Park, Hamels, Blanton, one start each with a combined ERA well over 10.00).

The Braves, 5-2, present the opposite of what the Phillies have done - namely GREAT starting pitching. Lowe and Jurrjens have started 4 games with a combined ERA under 1.60 - very impressive. Kelly Johnson has put up Utley numbers, can that continue?

The Mets, 3-4, I think this warrants its own blog entry. Two dropped fly balls equals two losses in a row, with Sheffield penciled in to start in right field tonight. Ugh.

The Marlins, 6-1, and definitely the most intriguing team right now. Baseball Prospectus projected them for a last place finish, with a measely 72-90 record. But Johnson and Volstad are an even better 1-2 than Lowe and Jurrjens through week one, and Bonifacio has out-Tuffyed Mr. Rhodes this week, although in a speedy (and not powerful) way.

And the Nationals, 0-7. Quick, name the four pitchers who have started games for them...

(when you have, and realize that the "best" name, Scott Olsen is 0-2 with a 14.45, you'll know everything you need to about this team)

One disclaimer: the Nats have given Florida 3 wins, the Braves 3, and the Phils 1. Perhaps this is my silver lining for the Mets (and even for the Phils) - plenty of games with Washington remain...

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