Sunday, April 5, 2009

Peter Gammons, Dave Winfield, and me.

As 8:00pm - and the first pitch of the 2009 baseball season - approaches, Dave Winfield and Peter Gammons (of Espn's Baseball Tonight) make their picks for the World Series: The New York Mets...

I kinda feel that should be enough for me to just give up on the season, take up a new hobby, or simply spend more time identifying run-ons in the Sentence of Dave.

But instead I will watch the Phillies celebrate their championship, cursing the fortunes of the Star Ledger's Tom Barrett and out-of-the-loop Jason George.

I do want to note that the Phillies have outlined their logo, names and numbers in gold this season, no doubt a boastful reminder of the 2008 title. Tacky. You wouldn't see the Yankees do that.

I also want to present a trivia question: which team defeated the Phillies most last year?

A glimmer of hope? Baseball Prospectus is published by a group of guys (and a girl?) who perform tons of advanced math in order to analyze and predict the value of every player in MLB. Last week, they announced their projected standings, and selected the New York Mets as the 2009 NL East champions. Tomorrow's starter, Johan Santana, is projected to finish 15-7 with a 3.17 ERA. I think he wins 20.

I also just received a text message from the aforementioned Jason George, sitting in the stands in Philly - it reads, "Ok, i wanna go home." The reason? Top of the second on opening night, and the Phillies trail 4-0.

When I go to sleep tonight, all will be right in the world, as the Phillies will be in last place.

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