Saturday, January 2, 2010


After watching most of my picks go down in flames - EXCEPT that Florida-Cincy game where I nearly nailed the final score EXACTLY - I flipped over to the end of the Knicks game just in time to see the final 3 minutes of regulation and all of OT.

Nate Robinson? I saw him out on the court and immediately thought that the rest of the Knicks must have been ejected in some kind of Heats-Knicks 90's-style fight. Then I watched the ending, and saw every single play run the way Rutgers men run their offense (5 guys spread out, and wait to see if anything happens... post-Douby this simply winds up being a shot-clock violation, although Rosario is trying his best to be a mini-q) - except the kicker is that the Knicks had Nate Robinson and the guy simply drove to the basket and scored at will (except for the 3 he drilles in OT from the top of the key, cross-legged, with a hand in his face and the shot clock winding down). Nate hadn't played in over a month - was sat out by the coach for 14 straight games - and stepped right in to produce as memorable an NBA-moment as I have seen all year (the Brandon Jennings 51 would have topped it if I had lived in Milwaulkee... how do you spell Milwaulkee???)
youtube some of this game - especially the underhanded scoop layup that he tosses 15-feet in the air as he is getting fouled - after he somehow fakes a jump shot mid-dribble and gets his defender to bite... how did that even happen?!?

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