Friday, January 1, 2010

More Bowl Picks!

Gator Bowl

West Virginia 37, Florida State 17 (take WVU, -3)

This is an even game if Florida State has its QB (Ponder) healthy. They do not. I don't think WVU is that good - but they will roll in the Bowden Bowl.

Capital One Bowl

LSU 27, Penn State 20 (take LSU, pick 'em)

PSU was my pre-season selection to win the BCS championship - that probably tells you about my skill at picking games. I am picking angry, and picking against them. Also, my SEC-over-Big 10 bias is in play again.

Rose Bowl (or the Bowl to blame for not having a playoff)

Oregon 38, Ohio State 12 (take Oregon, -5)

Ohio State is boring. Oregon's uniforms are not.

Sugar Bowl

Florida 52, Cincinnatti 21 (take Fla, -13)

I have never spelled Cincinatti correct on the first try. And seriously, is anyone outside of Ohio actually picking the Bearcats?

I also take this as a bad sign: when you click on the "preview" on ESPN.COM for this game, the following headline greets you:

No. 4 Cincinnati starts practice for Sugar Bowl

I know that it's probably a dated headline, but it does kinda make you wonder exactly WHEN (and IF) they are in any way ready for this game after the coaching situation.

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