Monday, May 28, 2012

Topps 2012 Archives - Inserts, SP's and Auto's!

The first of my "special" cards that I'd like to highlight are the "deckle edge" - and I hope they come off as spectacularly on the scan as they do in hand.  Marichal and Mauer are 2 of the 15 "1969 Topps Deckle Edge" cards. - and these may be my favorite insert.  Nothing cluttering up the front - just a cool black and white photo and auto - less is more!

These are the "1977 Topps Cloth Inserts" and there are 25 possible cards.  I don't really think McCutchen really fits with this crew.  These have a nice feel to them, and like the deckle edge, just strike me as unique and interesting.

This is where Archives gets a little trickier.  I'm going to show the back, as well.

The Rod Carew card is a "Topps Gold Stamped Reprints Insert" - and obviously it is not one of the four years featured in the base set.  If I am correct, Carew has a card #80 in the base set as well - and I guess it must be a '71.  The Yount card is also not one of the four base years, either.  This is one of the high numbered short prints, which runs 201-240 (or 241 if you count the Harper).  I feel like this is a merging of two different short print ideas:  the high numbered SP from Heritage, and the photo-variation (in this case, actually a whole different year!  so a year-variation?!?) that we saw in this year's Gypsy Queen.

And here are my auto's!  I do love how Topps has assembled some great 80's names to sign - and both of these cards made me smile when I saw them.  I know there are some better names out there, but I love the nostalgic nature that this set inspires - a more recent nostalgia, certainly, than Heritage - and these cards certainly capture that!


  1. Any card with that 'Archives' stamp on the front is a part of a 50 card subset, made up of reprints. They aren't part of the 241 card base set. Confusing yes but thats the way Topps did it, oddly enough...

  2. Yeah, that Yount is a reprint of his 1975 card. It's just a coincidence that it was card #200-240. You can tell, also that it has the reprint wording at the bottom.

    Those are 2 nice autos!

  3. so technically they are the same insert? the "Gold Stamped Reprint" insert?

  4. Yep, the Yount and Carew are part of the same insert set. Nothing separating them from the rest of the set except the stamp on the front. You pretty much have to ignore the numbers on the back because they won't match up in any case.