Sunday, January 29, 2012

under my bed (2) - football flavored!

Forgive me for a moment for being thoroughly unable to layout these posts in any kind of viewer-friendly format...
After finding a showbox full of 1989 Topps (all card numbers 1-499 - where is the shoebox with the higher numbers?!? anyone?!?), I came across these football cards from 1979, 1980 and 1986... I am sure having Broncos and Raiders in the same post is against some kind of old-school AFC West law, but these were some of the first cool names I came across. Sadly, these showboxes showed a little more wear than my more protected cards (which are of course from the overproduction era, but it was still fun to find them. Also nearby, some Garbage Pail Kids from 1986ish, and Sportsflics! (Do you remember those? A friend of mine was convinced they were going to change baseball cards forever...)
Have a good week, those who go off to work tomorrow!

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