Saturday, January 28, 2012

660 or 990?

For those who have followed my rather intermittent postings, you will know that i am an inexperienced collector - and one of the things i love to do is survey the blog community to see what others collect to help me decide what i want (or definitely DON'T want) to chase.
Because I grew up in the 80's, I developed a love for chasing the "complete set" - cards 1-792 (was that the number? maybe 796?) - I would purchase a traded set once in awhile, but it was definitely not a "must-have" or thrill the way that ripping packs toward completing a set was.
So that brings me to my question, and again, I want to encourage others to give me some feedback in the comments section - do you guys consider series 1 and series 2 (1-660) a complete set? or do you feel the need to grab those "update" sets (661-990)?
I also am kinda pissed that Topps continues those insert sets in there - I mean, I understand WHY - but it is annoying. It makes me again consider the insert "complete" before Topps would say it is...
Then again, I collect for me, not for Topps, so I don't really get that bothered - but there is some sort of psychological pull toward collecting toward completion that this toys with... Eh, enough psychology...
So again, to "Update", or not to Update - that is the question...


  1. I like the update sets because it gives you players in their new unis after mid-season trades...but I can see how they can irritate set builders.

    I tried my hand at set building since 2008, but I think I'm calling it quits for the time being. When I was going after the complete set I included the update set as part of the overall set, but I would usually end up storing them in their own box since it feels like a set all to it's own sometimes.

  2. If they would number them 661-990 then I would go after them.