Thursday, January 26, 2012

diamond giveaway - 12 cards in!

ok, here is my OLDEST card - a 1958.
in addition, i added Vern Law's 1961 and a fun 1975 Gary Maddox!
now, can i still ship these cards to myself? i see on the website that i needed to ship by 01/02/12, but i thought i read elsewhere that I have until 2/1/12???
does anyone know if i can still get any of these?


  1. You can enter codes from Series 1 and Update until 1/31/12.

    You can enter codes from Series 2 until 6/30/12.

    You can get your cards shipped anytime between now and 6/30/12.

    They screwed up the date on the Series 2 code cards, so they had to extend the site longer than they wanted to this year.

  2. ok, gotcha. i am not sure which of my cards were series one and which were two, but i just entered them all anyway. so now that they are entered, i am good, it seems...

    did anyone see the note about "01/02/12" on the website? i think it's still there...

  3. and now i just found this, on the topps "diamond giveaway - about us" page:

    >>>After April 1st you can request your Topps Diamond Giveaway cards be shipped to you by USPS or UPS. We recommend UPS only if you want to insure the card and use tracking to keep tabs on its whereabouts. You'll need to allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, shipping and handling fees will apply. Please note that once a card has been selected for shipping is no longer available for trading.

    The last day that you can get your cards shipped is December 31st, 2011.

    any thoughts?

  4. The website is messed up. You can still get those shipped. Nice Law.

  5. thanks, that's what i hoped! - and yea, i'm getting lots of trade offers for that one!