Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diamond Giveaway - Gone?!?


So, I tried to log on to the Topps Diamond Giveaway site last night to ship my cards to me - figured I would finish it up before ripping open my fresh, brand new Topps 2012 cards - and I get a very strange error message about the website no longer existing.

For those who "know things" out there, am I out of luck? In previous posts, other bloggers had mentioned that I could still get the cards shipped - does anyone know "for sure?" And has anyone seen this type of error message before from the Topps website? I only started messing with the Diamond giveaway a little over a week ago, so I am pretty new to the whole thing.

However, I WOULD like to get my cards!


  1. The Transmogrifier - um, the Diamond Code Giveaway site has been going up and down like a two dollar whore on a pogo stick for months. Since series one and Update codes expire today, they have stated that they will extend those codes for a few days once it comes back up. If you still have codes from series 1 or update check back every day and enter them all in the second it comes back up. Series two codes are good thru June I think.

    (second time today I've acted as Topps's customer service rep for free)

  2. >>>(second time today I've acted as Topps's customer service rep for free)

    oh, just tell that to Topps - i'm sure they'll compensate you...